Fitz celebrates with sister Pub the Cholmondeley Arms!

From left Leanne manager of the Fitzherbert Arms holding the ‘Best Pub in Staffordshire’ certificate with Tom Head chef of the Cholmondeley Arms who has the ‘Best Pub in the Northwest’ plaque next to Lucy, deputy manager of the Fitzherbert Arms and Tom’s partner helping hold the certificate for the Cholmondeley Arms and Cholmondeley Arms manager Tim with yet another certificate for ‘Best Pub in the Northwest!’

Leanne and Lucy from the Fitzherbert Arms headed for London on Tuesday May 23rd to the BAFTA theatre in Piccadilly to be exact. They were invited by ‘Pub and Bar Magazine’ for its awards night as the Fitz was chosen as Staffordshire’s best pub in 2017 by the publication.

Also at the event were team mates Tim and Tom from the Cholmondeley Arms (also owned by Tim Bird and Mary Mclaughlin) celebrating winning best pub in Cheshire!! So a double for Cheshire Cat, the company owned by Tim and Mary! The Cholmondeley Arms went on to be crowned ‘best in the Northwest’ at the awards….a tremendous achievement and emulating the Church Inn in Mobberley who won the same title last year….another pub owned by Cheshire Cat!

Well done to the Fitz..just over a year old but already award winning.

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