Cask Ale

To all our Ale Lovers! Here below is your Cask Ale up date.   

Firstly, thank you for supporting our ‘Pub Hub’ here at the Fitz’.  

Good News!……we now have fresh cask ale in a box! 36-pint boxes, no hassle, no tapping or pegging. Simply settle the box for 24 hours in a cool place (12 degrees) and then pour from the fitted tap…..couldn’t be easier and the life on the ale is longer in the box than the cask!  

Ales in the Box available this week are…..

Fitzherbert Best 4.2%
Cheshire Cat Blonde Ale a 4.0%.

On ‘Hand Pull’ we have Fitzherbert Best available in 1 litre and 2 litre containers £3.50 & £7.00 

We will also have Cheshire Cat and guest ales at £4.00 a litre and £8.00 for 2 litres  

We also have on draught…..

Guinness 4.2%,

Stowford Press Cider & Mortimer’s Berry Cider served in one litre bottles.

We will always have varied premium lagers available on draught, including our very own Fitzherbert Craft Lager

Which is available 1 litre and 2 litre containers £4.00 & £8.00.  

Super premium lagers such as Peroni, San Miguel and Moretti will be at the higher price of £5.00 a litre and £10.00 for two litres


Bottled Beers and Ciders


English Ciders 

Taunton Cider £1.95 a bottle or 6 for £10.95

Chapel Down’s Craft ‘Curious Apple’ Cider in 330ml Cans £1.95 a can or 6 for £10.95

Craft Cheshire Lager in 330ml cans 

Kuhl Cheshire lager arrives!! £1.95 a can or 6 for £9.95


Peroni Nastro Azzuro 330ml £1.60 per bottle or 6 for £8.95 

Birra Moretti 330ml £1.60 per bottle or 6 for £8.95


Asahi Super Dry 330ml £1.60 per bottle or 6 for £8.95

Czech Republic

Budsweiser Budvar 500ml bottles £2.25 a bottle or 6 for 12.95

Budweiser Budvar 330ml bottles £1.60 per Bottle or 6 for £8.95  

Or you can have a ‘6 of the Best’ mixed beer case for £8.95


Corona £1.40 for a bottle and £7.95

Sol £1.40 for a bottle and £7.95


San Miguel for a bottle £1.40 and £7.95  

Or Mix Six for £8.95

‘No and Low’ Bottle Beers for the Week Days!! 

Great Value Craft Low Alcohol Beers 

Lucky Saint 0.5% Unfiltered lager 330ml bottle £1.50 and six-bottles for £7.95 (Vegan too)

Nanny State by Brew Dog 330ml bottle £1.95 or six-bottles for £9.95

Shipyard Low Tide £1.50 a bottle or six-bottles for £7.95 

Come and visit the Pub Hub Shop today!